The Rhythmic Nature of Jazz Part III - Advanced Concepts

Presented by Mike Longo, former Pianist and Musical Director for Dizzy Gillespie and protege of Oscar Peterson.

Mysteries and secrets of the masters are revealed in this DVD series. Presents the HOW of jazz from its African Roots. “If you listen to an authentic African drum ensemble you will hear that the time is perfect as well as the rhythm. If you mention to them about “subdivisions” or use of a metronome they would not know what you were talking about. The African drummers are arriving at what they are doing through a natural process and it is that process that a student needs to investigate and absorb.” - Mike Longo


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In this third installment, called “Advanced Concepts”, you will be exposed to revelatory information that will literally transform your present level of playing to a new consciousness that opens up an alternat universe for you, both on a physical as well as a mental and spiritual level. You will witness here advanced students on different instruments being taught through an experience that causes a transformation to take place before your very eyes. You need only to follow the instructions being given in the video for yourself, and you will experience this same transformation on your own instrument.

We sincerely hope that this DVD will help you achieve your musical goals as you move along the path of creating beautiful music for yourself and others.

* It is stronly advised that you acquire the first two DVDs which deal with Orientation and Fundamentals if you do not already have them, as they are a prerequisite to understanding the material presented here.