The Rhythmic Nature of Jazz Part IV - Ultra Advanced Concepts

Presented by Mike Longo, former Pianist and Musical Director for Dizzy Gillespie and protege of Oscar Peterson.

Mysteries and secrets of the masters are revealed in this DVD series. Presents the HOW of jazz from its African Roots. “If you listen to an authentic African drum ensemble you will hear that the time is perfect as well as the rhythm. If you mention to them about “subdivisions” or use of a metronome they would not know what you were talking about. The African drummers are arriving at what they are doing through a natural process and it is that process that a student needs to investigate and absorb.” - Mike Longo


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“Priceless. The most important video for jazz since the last one you published. This might just rescue jazz from the chord/scale obsession which threatens to suck the joy out of it.

The DVDs have paid for themselves as I am getting more gigs. Other musicians are remarking on my “swinging” playing and, most amazingly, my guitar tone is transformed into a bright, singing voice. The exercises are also a lot of fun to do. I am really exited at the prospect of working through DVD IV as simply watching it has improved my conception and feel of jazz time (after 30 years of playing).
Thanks for sharing this information. Invaluable!”

…Ray Bartlett-UK


This is the fourth DVD in the 4 DVD set called “The Rhythmic Nature of Jazz” based on the rhythmic practices of jazz master Dizzy Gillespie. All of the concepts being taught in this video are a result of my apprenticeship and long relationship with him.

Here are some quotes by him that are relevant.

“The one thing that Be Bop retained from the old jazz was the BLUES.”

Once, Diz and I were driving from a gig in Miami to my parents’ home in Ft. Lauderdale where we were staying. Diz was famous for getting lost going to places and we would always joke about it and tease him. On this occasion he had me get off of I-95 and take a “short cut” as he called it which ended up in a bumper to bumper traffic jam taking about two hours longer than if we had we stayed on I-95. It turned out to be a blessing to me, however, since the whole way back we talked about Charlie Parker. During this conversation he said something very profound. He said, “Quiet as it’s kept, Bird’s contribution was MELODY. Once we heard it, we all knew we had to go that way.”

This made me realize that Charlie Parker had come up with a whole new concept of making melody.  The secrets of this type of melodic behaviour are revealed in this DVD/

Another important quote from Diz that is relevant here is: “The ego is the enemy of this music. You have to give yourself up to a higher force to play this music.”  The concept of “Kundelini Energy“ is explained and you will find how to get there on your own

On this fourth DVD, called Ultra-Advanced Concepts, you will be exposed to revelatory information that will literally transform your present level of playing to a new consciousness that opens up an alternate universe for you, both on a physical as well as a mental and spiritual level. You will witness here advanced students on different instrument being taught through an experience that causes a transformation to take place before your very eyes. You need only to follow the instructions being given in the video for yourself, and you will experience this same transformation on your own instrument. It is strongly advised that you acquire the first three DVDs that deal with Orientation, Fundamentals and the first advanced techniques, as they are a prerequisite to understanding the material presented here.  In other words ypu must do the ”warm ups“ from the first DVDs in the order they are presented prior to attempting this new work in order to acheive the benefits that these ”ultra advanced exercises“ will do for your playing.  This is of extreme importance so do not take this statement lightly.  Sonny Rollins was quoted as having said, ”Dizzy was a Celestial Being!“  and the concepts presented here are, for the most part, a product of who and what Dizzy Gillespie was.  You will find this information in no other place at this time and eventually will stand as an important contribution to jazz education directly related to ”who and what” Dizzy Gillespie was.

We sincerely hope that this DVD will help you achieve your musical goals as you move along the path of creating beautiful music for yourself and others.



Dear Mike Longo,

I’m Luca Ridolfo from Italy, now moved in The Netherlands to study Jazz Piano.

I’d like to thank you because thank to your concepts taught in your DVDs and to your tips written to me by email I managed to realize a good piano solo - still a lot to improve btw!

Kind Regards,

Luca Ridolfo



my name is Alessandro Masi and i'd like to say thank you to Mike and all the staff for this wonderful material.

I've just finished watching DVD number IV and i liked very much also the talking part. Wow.

I have studied in schools and conservatory but i never heard talking about these things that inside of me i have always felt were the real thing in music but most important in life. All these things about Kundalini, good vibes, universal energy....BEFORE transcribing and everything else..

This is a wonderful universal contribute and i hope to see more and more people bringing this beautiful knowledge to life and music.